How Upkeep Energy is Different

What makes Upkeep Energy unique is that we provide a high level of personalized client attention along with senior engineering expertise at a cost effective rate. Upkeep Energy Improves Building PerformanceThe benefit of utilizing our senior engineering expertise is that we can:

  • Develop actual solutions based on knowing what has worked and not worked in the past.
  • Identify potential project pitfalls.
  • Complete project work quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Our cost effective component allows Upkeep Energy to complete an RCx study and drive the implementation process through to completion for the same cost as a traditional RCx study with a larger firm.

We adjust our services and solutions to meet a client’s specific needs, ensuring a project that meets both their energy objectives and budget. We put our focus on implementation and optimization of energy savings measure alongside client specific solutions to develop an energy saving program that will be maintained over time.

Who is Upkeep Energy?

Upkeep Energy is devoted to providing energy solutions to help businesses, small and large, governments, and communities obtain a competitive advantage in a future of energy awareness.
Our approach will focus on identifying client-specific solutions to reducing building energy usage. Emphasis will be placed on proper implementation and ensuring persistence of energy savings whether it be through internal client solutions (staff training), on-going review (M&V and On-Going Cx), or monitoring solutions (energy portfolio management and fault detection software solutions).

Leadership Team

Jessica Lorentz, P.E., CEM, LEED AP
Jessica Lorentz, P.E., CEM, LEED APPrincipal and Sr. Energy Engineer - Upkeep Energy
Jessica Lorentz is the Principal of  Upkeep Energy and a senior energy engineer. Jessica has over 15 years of experience with expertise in building energy analysis, including energy auditing, retro-commissioning, commissioning, short-term monitoring and trending, measurement and verification, energy education, energy modeling, renewable energy analysis, daylighting, LEED and green building practices, greenhouse gas emission reductions, and economical analysis. Jessica has always been actively involved in professional organizations and is now the president of the Rocky Mountain Association of Energy Engineers (RMAEE).

Jessica specializes in diagnosing and optimizing energy efficient strategies for HVAC and control systems to provide energy savings and improve thermal comfort for clients, and in providing solutions to ensure energy savings are maintained over time. She has completed over 125 projects encompassing a broad range of facilities.

Jessica also has also developed many spreadsheet analysis tools and standardized RCx processes and forms. She is an experienced project manager, team leader, and educator. Jessica obtained her Master of Science degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder in Civil Engineering – Buildings Systems Program.

During her graduate studies and shortly after finishing her degree, Jessica worked at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and three Denver area architectural and engineering organizations. Jessica joined Architectural Energy Corporation (AEC) in 2003 as part of the sustainable design group and the building energy evaluation services team. As part of these teams, Jessica completed and managed several retro-commissioning, measurement and verification, energy studies, and energy modeling projects for various clients.

Jessica left AEC in 2008 as the building energy evaluation services team leader to establish a Boulder, CO, office of EMC Engineers Inc. and to continue providing high level retro-commissioning and energy analysis while also providing expertise to new opportunities in performance contracting, design-build, and implementation of energy efficiency solutions. While at EMC (EMC Engineers Inc. was purchased by Eaton Corporation in 2010) Jessica co-managed a sixteen person office of commissioning and energy engineers and was responsible for everything from engineering, project management, and quality control to business development and proposal generation to project budgeting and staff resource allocation.

In 2012 Jessica decided to start Upkeep Energy, LLC in order to provide a consistent high level of personalized, cost effective service, rarely found amongst large firms, and to provide a service focused on helping clients achieve and maintain energy savings identified through the RCx process.


Strategic Partners

Upkeep Energy has a growing network of strategic partners to offer expertise in additional areas and provide resource depth when needed. Some of our resources include:

Kevin Mueller, P.E., LEED AP
Kevin Mueller, P.E., LEED APPresident - Independent Energy Solutions
Kevin possesses a unique line of experience rarely found among commissioning agents. He has over 20 years of experience in the commissioning, design (mechanical and control systems), and refrigeration industry. He is an expert in diagnosing operational and performance problems in HVAC and refrigeration systems. As a commissioning (Cx) agent, Kevin plans and implements commissioning activities, including design review, construction observation and contractor coordination, functional performance tests and short-term monitoring.
He has performed these Cx activities on HVAC, refrigeration, commercial kitchen equipment, lighting, and control systems in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. He is also experienced in developing and implementing short-term monitoring plans, and using advanced data acquisition equipment and diagnostic software.


Tracy Phillips, CEM, LEED NC
Tracy Phillips, CEM, LEED NCPresident - 7th Gen Energy Solutions
Tracy is a Certified Energy Manager and LEED Accredited Professional and performs comprehensive energy system audits equivalent to the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards Levels I, II and III.   He has 14 years of experience as an energy consultant, and has performed low-level and investment-grade energy audits on a multitude of commercial building and HVAC system types.  In addition to energy audits, his experience includes development of spreadsheet tools for
energy conservation measure analysis, short-term monitoring of HVAC systems and data analysis, commissioning, measurement and verification, and energy modeling. Tracy is a professional member of the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol, Technical Advisory Group and also the USGBC Training and Education Committee.
Dan Swanson, P.E.
Dan Swanson, P.E.Project and Construction Manager- Vista Engineering
Mr. Swanson has over fifteen years of Project and Construction Management and Process and Project Engineering experience in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and specialty chemical industries. He has an extensive and diverse background in a broad range of engineering disciplines, with particular strengths in Project Management in an FDA regulated cGMP environment. As a Project and Construction Manager, he has a proven record for successful
completion of high priority projects that were on tight timelines and had to be executed concurrently with production to minimize impact to the manufacturing schedule.

Mr. Swanson’s most recent project management role was the implementation of several energy savings projects for a pharmaceutical manufacturing campus. In this role, he was responsible for the management and coordination of the energy studies, energy consultants, implementation team and verification effort, as well as the management and reporting of the approved scope, schedule, and budget.

Courtney France, LEED AP
Courtney France, LEED APPrinciple - France Sustainable Solutions
Courtney has worked on over 250+ LEED-related projects around the world applying the USGBC’s green building rating system, including LEED-NC, -CS, -CI, -ND, -Schools, and -EBOM. Courtney consults nationally with owners, facilities managers, developers, contractors, and design firms and has conducted LEED Accreditation Training for over 2,500+ individuals, representing all building industry sectors. She specializes in a full range of sustainable building and LEED Project Management consulting services ranging from feasibility studies,
hard and soft cost analysis, drawing, specifications, and submittal reviews for new and existing structure renovation projects, and other LEED-related certification and documentation services for all rating system types. In addition, Courtney is a contributing author to numerous green building publications, including the State of Colorado, California, and New Mexico regional LEED user-guides, and multiple green building technical journals.
Steve Morgan, CEM
Steve Morgan, CEMOwner - 4Sight Energy Solutions
 Steve has been providing energy efficiency consulting services to commercial, institutional, medical, industrial, food service, and government clients since 2009. His specialties include investment grade (ASHRAE Level III+) energy auditing, implementation-focused retro-commissioning (RCx), detailed energy analysis and whole-building energy modeling, trend data analysis, and measurement and verification (M&V). He played a critical role in the development of Xcel Energy’s Retro-Commissioning Tool and
has first-hand experience in working directly with facility staff and seeing projects through to successful implementation. Steve’s experience is exemplified by his work at dozens of facilities with a wide range of sizes and system complexities in large commercial, healthcare, hospitality, government, and municipal facilities.
Mike Renner
Mike RennerEngineer, Energy Service Associates
Mike Renner has 10 years of experience conducting engineering consulting, project management, energy audits, and LEED® commissioning services. Mr. Renner has worked with many government agencies, school districts, and private owners commissioning their facilities, conducting resource efficiency programs, programming control systems, and managing the design and installation of building HVAC systems. He has strength in reviewing design specifications, commissioning full building systems including security and technology systems, and
building controls and HVAC systems. He specializes in working closely with facility departments to develop strategies for improving operations and implementing conservation measures while training their personnel on how to maintain the achieved savings. He has worked with several Colorado facility owners to register with the Energy Star Portfolio Manager and earn Energy Star Leader awards for their proven conservation efforts.