Automated Demand Response and Optimization

utility interval data Jessica Lorentz with Upkeep Energy teamed with Celeste Cizik of Group 14 to present “Automated Demand Response and Optimization in Action” at the 2014 Advanced Facilities Management and Engineering Conference. The presentation covered how to identify your DR potential, how to implement DR strategies, what tools and products current exist, several case studies and examples, and a summary of local utility DR programs […]

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What the Real Estate Industry Leaders are Doing with Smart Buildings

Jessica Lorentz summarizes the latest news from the IBCon conference on how the real estate industry is leading the way in smart building technologies.

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Upkeep Energy presents on metering strategies at USGBC Rocky Mountain Green

MeterCeleste Cizik and Jessica Lorentz of Upkeep Energy recently presented with France Sustainable Solutions at the USGBC Rocky Mountain Green conference. We had a great discussion on metering strategies that can be implemented to save energy and improve building operations. To see the full presentation, click on the link below. Enjoy!

Effective Metering Strategies

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Building Analytics Software Solutions for Ongoing Commissioning

Trend Data AnalysisIn our last blog on Ongoing Commissioning (OCx), we covered the benefits that can be realized from continuously watching your building’s operation and optimizing systems over time. One of the major challenges with conducting Ongoing Cx is finding the operational issues in complex commercial buildings with vast amounts of data contained within Building Automation Systems (BAS). Fortunately, […]

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Making the Case for Ongoing Commissioning

Ongoing Cx CycleAll types of building commissioning (Cx) services have a common goal: get a building running in good working order and keep it there over time. There are a number of terms around the base Cx concept. Some cover single instance services at different points in the building’s lifespan (new building Cx, existing building Cx, retro-Cx, etc.) and some relate to ongoing activities with different “unique” […]

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Upkeep Energy Presents on Ongoing Commissioning at the AFEC Conference

Celeste Cizik and Jessica Lorentz of Upkeep Energy recently presented at the Advanced Facilities Management and Engineering Conference. We enjoyed talking on the ongoing commissioning benefits and process including the building analytics software tools that can be used to make Ongoing Cx efficient and effective.

To see the full presentation, click on the link below. Enjoy!

AFEC Presentation – Ongoing Cx with FDD

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How Essential is Implementation Assistance?

You have just completed an energy audit or retro-commissioning study. However (obvious as it is), reports don’t save energy… implementation does. Read these mini case studies about obstacles that caused poor implementations and implementation assistance success stories.

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Announcing Upkeep Energy – Offering Building Energy Reduction Services

Reducing energy costs is a hot topic these days and now there’s a new company that’s providing energy solutions to help businesses, governments, and communities obtain a competitive advantage in a future of energy awareness. Upkeep Energy provides energy efficiency solutions by developing client-specific strategies for identifying cost-effective energy saving solutions, directing proper implementation, and ensuring persistence of energy savings.

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7 Reasons Energy Efficiency is Non-Negotiable

Every building owner and operator is affected by fuel and power and the systems that use them. Energy is an inevitable cost for every business. Failure to control energy is a failure to control your cash flow. It’s important to realize there is a cost associated with doing nothing or waiting to implement energy efficiency measures. Here's a summary of seven reasons energy efficiency is non-negotiable for building operation.

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