Start Your Building Assessment with an Energy Audit

Energy Audit

Our energy audit services range from the simple walkthrough audit to the ASHRAE Level 2 and Level 3 audits. Energy audits are useful in identifying energy saving opportunities and determining a long term master planning strategy, and can be coupled with a more comprehensive service package integrating retro-commissioning, calibrated energy modeling, measurement and verification, and LEED for Existing Buildings O&M if desired.

Benefits of Energy Audits

  • Lowers energy use and saves money.
  • Lowers greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Becomes a planning tool to develop future capital investment budget.
  • Provides information for long term master planning.
  • Helps in portfolio prioritization.
  • Increases occupant productivity.
  • Introduces a green and energy-efficient business culture to a business enterprise. This has had a positive effect on employees’ motivation and morale.
  • Gives you a distinct competitive advantage as a green business.
  • Reduces waste.

The ASHRAE Defined Energy Audit Levels

  • Level I: The Level 1 audit alternatively is called a “simple audit”, “screening audit” or “walk-through audit” and is the basic starting point for building energy optimization. This audit is geared toward the identification of the potential for energy improvements, understanding the general building configuration, and defining the type and nature of energy systems. The audit should result in a preliminary, high-level, energy-use analysis for the entire facility, and a short report detailing the findings, which may include identifying a variety of recognizable efficiency opportunities.
  • Level II: The Level 2 audit evaluates the building energy systems in detail to define a variety of potential energy-efficiency improvements. This study is more of a comprehensive energy audit that starts with a detailed analysis of energy consumption and energy and demand rate structures, identifies energy efficiency measures (including no- and low-cost measures, modifications to system controls and building automation, operational changes, and potential capital upgrades), and includes an economic analysis with detailed implementation costs.
  • Level III: The level 3, investment grade, energy audit focuses on a “whole-building computer simulation” in order to obtain a more detailed understanding of the benefits, costs, and performance expectations of any recommended capital measures. This audit involves more detailed data collection to develop a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of system operations.
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