Emerging Software Solutions

Energy Monitoring Software

Utilizing technology and software products to help manage building portfolios and assess building operation over time is an emerging field. Products exist to provide utility bill tracking, real-time metering and energy dashboards, manage building HVAC and lighting control systems, optimal learning and control, fault detection and diagnostics, building simulation and modeling, carbon and sustainability reporting, IT equipment management, and demand response.

The figure below illustrates that that improper economizer operation (64%), improper refrigerant charge (46%), and restricted airflow (38%) affect a significant portion of packaged rooftop units (RTU) in the field.  The Small HVAC System Design Guide estimates that faulty economizers alone increase cooling energy by 37% on average. Utilizing a fault detection and diagnostic system can immediately identify when these operating problems occur, preventing months of undetected operating problems and the associated additional energy costs.

Service Ongoing RTU Chart

Figure 1 – Common RTU Faults
Source: Public Interest Energy Research Program,

Upkeep Energy will work with each client to determine their individual needs for these software products and match those needs with the product which offers the best energy and cost effective solutions.

Benefits of Using Software Solutions

  • Identifies costs, trends, usage patterns and more.
  • Highlights major events in a building’s lifespan that impact energy usage.
  • Pinpoints where resolution of billing issues is needed.
  • Compares rates within and between utility companies.
  • Holds vendors accountable for ROI.
  • Predicts future costs by using historical rate and consumption data.
  • Models different scenarios by modifying your variables (including weather).
  • Identifies impact of rate and consumption changes on total budget amount.
  • Sets targets for cost and consumption reduction.
  • Tracks actual versus budgeting energy dollars.
  • Maximizes energy and cost savings!
  • Provides on-going commissioning of the building.
  • Detects operational faults immediately.
  • Detects sequencing problems immediately.
  • Detects controls tuning problems or sensors out of calibration immediately.
  • Reduces maintenance inspection requirements.
  • Reduces time spent analyzing trend logs.
  • Prevents occupant comfort issues (reducing the number of complaints).
  • Improves equipment performance and reduces frequency of major equipment overhaul.
  • Facilitates measure and verification activities.
  • Reduces energy costs.
  • Improves resource efficiency.
  • Little to no change in occupant comfort.
  • Provides ways for clients to voluntarily reduce electric consumption during peak demand periods or when high wholesale electric prices are in effect.
  • Provides a cleaner, more efficient alternative to peaking power plants.
We also provide staff training services to assist in on-going commissioning activities and how to maximize the benefit of utilizing energy management software solutions.

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