Energy Savings Aren’t Realized Until Efficiency Measures Are Implemented

Upkeep Energy Implmentation Services

It’s important to realize there is a cost associated with waiting to implement RCx measures (or not implementing at all). The basic idea is this:  you can “do nothing” and pay for excess energy, or you can pay to avoid that waste.  Either way, you will pay this out-of-pocket cost.  It’s a matter of deciding which costs less on an annual basis.

After the completion of the RCx study, Upkeep Energy can assist in preparing and presenting the RCx findings internally to secure the necessary company approval and/or funding. Upkeep Energy will work as part of the implementation team to fine tune control strategies and parameters to ensure that measures are implemented properly and operating optimally (to maximize energy savings and occupant comfort).

Full Suite of Implementation Services Ensures Maximum Energy Savings

Upkeep Energy is able to provide many levels of implementation services from full project management (turnkey), to being an integral member of the implementation team, to providing consultation services as needed. We will work with you to determine which services are the best fit for your business so you can receive maximum return on your efficiency investment.

The benefit of working with Upkeep Energy is that we can provide personalized, senior engineering experience and the RCx study plus implementation assistance services, to ensure proper implementation, for the same price as just the RCx study from a larger firm.

After energy efficiency solutions are implemented, we track your actual building performance.

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