Ensure Energy Savings Persist Over Time

Ongoing Commissioning Energy Services

On-going services can be critical to the persistence of energy savings and are designed to:

  • Prevent building “drift” and provide sustained energy savings through long term tracking and trending procedures.
  • Give end users the ability to make informed, effective energy decisions.
  • Allow for continuous fine tuning of measures to ensure optimal operation.
  • Protect investments in energy efficiency as they have a significant impact on bottom lines.

Different Methodologies to Ensure Persistence of Energy Savings

On-Going Commissioning

For clients that elect on-going commissioning, we work closely with building staff to commission major pieces of equipment at regular intervals and involve the building staff in selecting and implementing improvements. We also review operational data to ensure persistence of energy savings.

Monitoring Based Commissioning

Similar to on-going commissioning, monitored based services emphasize involving the building staff and using monitoring equipment for ongoing diagnostics. However, this service has an increased emphasis on training of the building staff and empowering them to review building operation through analytical assessments and monitoring, automation of diagnostics, and “smart” alarms in conjunction with the RCx provider doing regular interval review of operating data.

We provide assistance in selecting software solutions to automate the diagnostic process.

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